My husband and I are cautious consumers. When we make a purchase we really do our homework, checking Consumer Reports for ratings, trying to make the purchase when there is a sale, etc. Of course, getting a good deal is great, but what we are most interested in is purchasing a quality product, and feeling like we got our monies worth — our experience with Hawthorne Davis was all of this and more.

We approached building a new home as we typically do; this was going to be the biggest purchase we had ever made, and we really did our homework checking out contractors. Time and time again, people would recommend Hawthorne Davis. More than once the person giving the recommendation used the phrase, “best on the island.” They were right! Our experience working with Hawthorne Davis far exceeded our expectations. Ray is great to work with, he is a talented contractor and a true professional. Jennifer, who manages his office (and who is also his wife), is one of the most efficient people I have ever worked with. She is always pleasant and willing to help. Because of a situation we had with FEMA, we did ask a lot of both she and Ray. The term I heard Ray say most often was, “no problem” – even though I knew it was.

I must also comment on the other half of Hawthorne Davis – George Davis. George and his team were detailed and customer oriented. They seemed to have a common focus on the finished product, which resulted in a house which was exactly what we envisioned – they built a beautiful home for our family.

To sum up our experience with Hawthorne Davis I will share part of a conversation I had with my husband about mid-way through the project. I asked him if he thought we were Hawthorne Davis’ only customer, he said that we were not — because of our experience working with Ray, Jennifer and George that is exactly how I felt – like we were their only customer.

-Donna and Jerry

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